Dr. Danté Sears is The Global SOULutionist. She is a ten-times certified Metaphsyician and licensed  Real Estate Agent since 2002.  After obtaining her license, Danté quickly made a name for herself as a shrewd contract negotiator and talented real estate marketing strategist.  Her sales techniques have been taught and used by some of the world’s top agents.

Danté Sears

Danté Sears Home Selling Strategist | Real Estate Consultant | Realtor

“I’ll Sell Your Home FAST – and for Top DOLLAR – GUARANTEED”

Danté Sears is a California Licensed Real Estate Agent, Realtor, and Prosperity Coach. Not only a powerful real estate sales professional, Danté has earned 9 Professional Certifications in Personal Development and Wellness Coaching, including Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP), DreamSculpting (The Art of Success and Achievement), and Life Mastery. In 2002, she developed the Danté Home-Selling System to automate her business and help her clients gain higher returns in the real estate sales process. She quickly made a name for herself as a power negotiator, focusing on retention and value to increase her client’s profits.  A talented entrepreneur and a skilled financial mind, her interests include economic forecasting, import/export trade, and emerging technologies. She is knowledgeable in financial products and an expert at investment portfolio creation,  creative financing, lease options, and other sophisticated financing and investing techniques.  A shrewd contract negotiator, her money-saving strategies continually saves her clients an average of 10.7% in real estate buying and selling expenses.

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